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Ever thought about who's visiting your site, where they're coming from, and what they're doing? Want to increase traffic to your site quickly and consistently? Need to increase the conversion rate to capture more customers?

If you haven't thought about how Google is affecting your business, you're losing money. It's so easy to get it back!

Short-form Content

Custom-created content for product pages, email campaigns, brochures, adverts, and social media posts.

If you only have a few words to say, say some Big Ass Words.

Long-form Content

Engaging and urgent articles, advertorials, blogs, landing pages, and business proposals designed to stir up action. Beautifully presented and thoroughly researched.

About Me

Having a solid brand isn't enough. You need a way to get it out there. A way to cut through the noise and get people to listen to what you're all about.

You need the right story. One that attracts people to your business, and turns more of them into loyal customers. That's what I do. I hone your core message and turn it into the very thing your customers need right now. And every one of those new customers is more money in your pocket.

I've had a career that's taken me from managing huge national supermarkets to running private neurological hospitals in the UK, from delivering aid to refugees to being a shepherd in the Italian Alps, working with prisoners, youth gangs, and mentoring homeless people. I've lived in a suburb and in a buddhist monastery, in a war zone, on a volcano and in the jungle.  

Throughout, I've been a content writer and SEO specialist. I know what works.

I found my voice through the written word. I am here to help you find yours.